Smart Grid and Interoperability


The electric grid was created over 100 years ago. Modern loads have grown very sophisticated and the electric grid is growing to meet not only the increased demand but the reliability needed to supply critical loads in as an economically and environmentally efficient way possible.


In the area of grid reliability Innoventive has led the way in the Interoperability of grid resources. By integrating customer loads and information systems with utility monitoring, Innoventive has helped open new markets and deliver improved reliability tools to electric grid operators.


In one recent project, Innoventive integrated remote monitoring and dispatch provided by its Demand Response Command Center (DRCC™) to allow a northeast utility to have constant feedback of curtailable loads that could be dispatched to address grid contingencies. Click here to learn more about this project.


The same technology allowed the resources to participate in new demand response markets targeting resource that can response quickly to changes in grid condition. These markets are now well developed and Innoventive can evaluate if your facility is a good fit for participation in these new demand response markets.


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