Operating Plans

Optimization of Cogeneration

operating-plans_smallMany cogeneration plants were installed with the intention of running 24/7 to avoid utility demand charges and reduce energy costs. New markets and configurations make economic optimization of  cogeneration plants more complex. Innoventive engineers have experience finding ways to dramatically increase the value of installed cogeneration plants by evaluating participation of this generation in wholesale energy and ancillary markets. Let an Innoventive engineer evaluate your plant and, if appropriate, make a no risk proposal. In many cases, Innoventive can secure third party funding for capital for related project.


Optimization of Mechanical Systemsdemand_response_rev

Some facilities have the option of using multiple sources for supplying power to mechanical systems or may have a mix of electric and steam powered chillers. Innoventive can devise a plan to optimize the economic benefits of these capabilities. By evaluating utility tariffs for electric, gas and steam along with opportunities for participation in applicable demand response programs, Innoventive can find hidden value in many operating plants. Contact us today to hear how we may be able to find more value from your existing plant.


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