About Innoventive Power


Innoventive Power is an industry leading provider of energy services to large commercial firms and large residential facilities, focusing on cost reduction strategies and demand response.  We create innovative solutions that enable business to reduce their electricity costs while creating a more reliable electricity grid.


Partner with Us!

• Lower energy costs through demand response programs

• Let us help you find valuable savings with energy efficiency

• Meet your sustainability and carbon reduction goa

• Find new ways to use your valuable assets to participate in new electricity markets

• Help the grid maintain reliability and avoid outages


How we do it:

Analysis: Our engineers collect information about how your facility works and how it uses energy

Proposal: Innoventive recommends activities to optimize the energy costs of the facility. These analyses are

typically done risk free for the client.

Implementation: Innoventive can offer a turn-key solution or consult with your team.


Innoventive’s customers enjoy millions of dollars of rebates and incentives each and every year!